Mother Nature’s recipe for rust is a simple mix of water, oxygen and unprotected metal. If these elements combine under the right conditions, the result is a familiar flaky, red-brown coating that can cause major problems for your home and property. When you need a solution, turn to Grout Genius & Platinum Exterior Cleaning for our professional rust removal services.

The Problem With Rust

Simple science can explain the formation of rust. If water strikes a vulnerable metal like exposed iron, it triggers an electrochemical process that frees electrons from the metal and prompts excess oxygen to bond with the material to form iron oxide, or rust. Over time, the process eats away at metal surfaces, creating unsightly orange blemishes and weakening them. When rust appears on your vehicles, fencing, railings, sheds and other metal items, it doesn’t just make them appear poorly maintained and older than their years. It can also shorten their useful lifespan.

To make matters worse, metal is not the only material vulnerable to rust damage. Over time, contact with rusted items or even iron-rich water can lead to rust stains on concrete, brick, tile, stone, rubber, asphalt, vinyl, stucco and other surfaces frequently found on residential properties. These ugly orange stains won’t help you make a good impression on those who visit your home. In fact, stubborn rust stains can have a negative impact on your property values.

Rust Removal Eugene Oregon

Good Intentions and Elbow Grease Are Not Enough

Eugene Rust Removal

While suggestions for do-it-yourself methods of rust removal are easy to find, real solutions that can truly tackle tough stains generally involve a professional touch. Good intentions and elbow grease are a potent pairing, but they are no match for obstinate rust. Frankly, DIY techniques, basic tools and the products that you’ll find on store shelves are often ineffective weapons against rust. To further complicate the situation, trying to remove rust with the wrong approach can actually harm the surface beneath the rust and create additional headaches. Using the wrong tool, too much power or an inappropriate chemical can cause discolorations, etching and other forms of superficial damage to the concrete. It can even weaken it, reducing its structural integrity.

Rust removal is both an art and a science. Professionals who routinely provide this service know how to strike the right balance. They have the expertise, tools and resources to combat rust without damaging your property in the process.

A Solution That Works

Professional pressure washing offers an effective way to remove both rust and rust stains. At Grout Genius and Pressure, we use our experience and the right blend of time-test strategies, cutting-edge techniques and professional-grade tools to remove rust and the staining it can cause, restoring the appearance of your property, improving your property’s value and potentially extending its lifespan.

Time does not help when it comes to rust and rust stains. In fact, waiting to address rust issues at your home allows the corrosion to spread farther and gives stains a chance to become larger and more entrenched. This makes removal more challenging, so do not delay or waste time with homemade solutions that won’t deliver the results that you want. Reach out to a professional.

Rust Removal Eugene Oregon